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Here is what others have to say about some of the past workshops or simply working with me.

Sinsu Co Wrote: ( New Face/Model)

This one man - the perfect photographer, super-stylist, make up artist, editing king---(is this reality?!!?) -- uses his multi-talented skills to perfect any portrait, exceeding any expectations you may have. it is simply magical if you ask me - just take a look at his body of work. seriously though, his eye for beauty is unique, and never fails to amaze me. I've had the privilege to shoot with him on several occasions, and with each time, I am increasingly impressed with the results. he is capable of emphasizing my best features and really capturing it onto the photographs - something not everyone can do, and considering some of my not-so-memorable shoots with other photographers who produce not-so-remarkable results, i am ever so grateful for Shaun's very existence!!! not only is his energy contagious, his sense of humor and interesting character creates a very enjoyable and relaxed environment for you! if ya get lucky, you may get a model's break and have a chance to indulge yourself in his awesome cooking! (yet, another one of his long list of talents!)

it's always a win win situation. i await the next shoot with Shaun Alexander! thanks shaun!!! more organic mango?!

Diana Wrote:( New Face- Model)

For the past ten years, I have been modeling and acting all over the United States. I have had thousands of pictures taken and have worked with myriad photographers. However, I have never been in absolute "awe" of any photographer’s work....until I worked with you. I still cannot get over the phenomenal job you have done on my pictures--and I have only seen a few! I have wanted for so long to be completely happy with the photographs taken of me, and you not only made me happy, but you made me beyond ecstatic. Every detail, every angle, every tiny little aspect of each photo is perfect.

Not only am I happy with the "finished product" (my photographs), but at ease.

Your talent with makeup and hair made me feel beautiful and I knew that with every photograph you were taking that you knew exactly what to look for and what you wanted. You are the most professional photographer I have ever worked with, and I cannot say enough how absolutely great your work is. You are up front, honest, and punctual, and you have helped give me very important modeling tips and instruction.

I want to thank you for making my portfolio something I am so very proud of. I cannot wait to see what work I get because of your photographs and to work together for years to come. thank you, Shaun!!!

Diana Rosebush

Jessa Lane wrote:( Professional Model)

Dear Shaun
When I sat down to write this letter for you I was almost in tears. My gratitude towards you can in no way be expressed in words. I feel inadequate in my attempt to express it. this letter is short, but it is honest and heartfelt.

I simply wanted to express my gratitude and admiration for you. Working with you was an experience I will cherish and refer back to throughout my career. Not only are you good at what you do, but you also love what you do. Your skill and zest for your work make for an amazing working experience. I look forward to the day when we can work together again. You helped to capture the best side of myself, both physically and personally. Your knowledge and know-how helped me to do the best that I have ever done in front of the camera. The knowledge that you shared with me - both about simple posing, and also about the Fashion industry as a whole has proven to be a priceless gem of inspiration and knowledge.

The excitement of having the chance to work with you was only compounded when I saw the finished product. To see myself through your eyes in your photos was a liberating and exhilarating experience. Your work is art. You do not simply capture my image, you capture - me -. Your attention to detail and beauty is inspiring. It showed me that there is in fact true beauty in the simplest detail of not only photos, but life itself. Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you and get to know you. You are an amazing photographer, but more importantly you are an amazing person. Spending time with you doing something that we are both passionate about was definitely a highlight of my young career. Love, Admiration, and Gratitude always,
Jessa Lane

Megan Wrote:( Professional Model)

Shaun Alexander's workshop was the most productive, knowledgeable and Luxurious good time I've ever had as a model. This man is not only a phenomenal photographer; he also possesses skilled dedication to the Art of styling. From the moment you meet, the first second you are in the make-up chair, his magic begins. He does his own make-up, hair and styling for his shoots and makes you feel like the super model that you know you are. Anyone looking for a top of the line portfolio needs to have a session with him. You'll know within the first hour that you made the right decision and you need look no further. By the end of the shoot you'll be begging for more. There are really no words to describe the ease that he puts you in, and the pictures that are created during your time with him will make jaws drop and people to ask where you found such a fabulous photographer. I have never seen such dedication and professionalism. The finished product speaks for itself. I highly recommend attending at least one of his workshops, or booking him for a private shoot.
Megan Frost

Pamela wrote: ( Professional Make-Up artist)

Dear Shaun,
I just want to take a minute to share with you how much I learned from your workshop! On your site, I recall reading that taking your workshop would increase my portfolio by 500%. I must say I was a little skeptical, 500% is a lot! But, seeing your work, I knew that I would learn. Well, after taking your workshop, my portfolio and quality of my work has increased by 500%! I learned a lot of different things that when put together has increased the quality of my work and have helped me with makeup, styling, photography and post production. That is a lot to say, but your workshops deliver!
Please feel free to give my name and information to someone who is considering your workshop. The warmth and way that you use constructive guidance in teaching makes it a delight to learn from you. It is amazing that someone so accomplished takes the time to share his knowledge with others , yet you make the time, and you do it so well.
Honestly, I don’t know how long it would have taken me to get to this level without your workshop. All of the sudden, other photographers, stylists and models are really complimenting my work. I look forward to learning even more from you. You are a gem.
Thank you so much for sharing!
With Love and Warm Affection,

Denis wrote: ( Professional Photographer)

Hi Shaun,
Your workshop was a fresh new experience for me; I learned a lot about things not usually covered in photography workshop even though they deserve more time than the technical stuff. Like make-up. Shaun's make-up abilities are astounding. I watched him work up close and I saw the results on my pictures. The colors and gradation were so incredible.
I learned a lot only by watching Shaun work. That gave me a lot of ideas and I look forward to experiment on my own. The models were just awesome and some of the best models I have ever worked with. The workshop went by quickly and I am ready for another.
Thanks Shaun,

Landra wrote: ( Professional Photographer)

Wow. Wow. WOW. You are #1 in my book, so incredible spending yesterday with you.
Best learning experience ever, from one incredibly fun and charming man.


Landra Lee Photography

Leah wrote: ( new face/ Model)

Your workshop was absolutely fabulous! We had a great team and GREAT time! You filled us with a great energy and a bundle of ideas that will always be inspiring! I can't thank you enough for everything learned and I look very forward to your next workshop! Thanks again for sharing all your knowledge, talk to you soon!

Leah Michele

Elizabeth & Chris wrote: ( Happy Couple )

Shaun Alexander's photographs have an artistic, high fashion edge, evoking emotion and dimension in the images he takes. He has a brilliant way of harmonizing the technical aspects of photography, like lighting and editing, with the human aspects, like establishing trust and comfort with his subjects. Doing a photo shoot with Shaun is a privilege, and it is a must if you want to have photos you will cherish for a lifetime. He is more than a photographer, he is a genuine friend. We love you Shaun! Thank you for our beautiful photo albums we have created, thanks to you! We can't wait for you to shoot our wedding!

Chris and Elizabeth

David wrote: ( Male Model/Actor )

I had a photo shoot with Shaun today and I must say that I was more than impressed with his work. Not only did he produce great pictures, but he also edited the pictures on the spot and was a pleasure to work with. It's hard being in the industry and meeting many people who only care about the money. Shaun was a breath of fresh air. His attitude, and attention to detail were impeccable. This was coupled with his unique style of photography. I could not believe the work he masterminded when I saw the finished products. Amazing! If anyone is considering working with Shaun, it's an absolute must. You will be very pleased with the final work. Thanks so much for your hard work and talent Shaun. I look forward to working with you in the near future.

Jeremy wrote: ( Actor )

In my previous experience with heads hots, my decision had always been picking the heads hot I disliked the least. It was extremely frustrating having shoots where I didn’t want to use any picture. My frustration turned to excitement after shooting with Shaun Alexander. His skill and attention to detail really brought out the potential I possessed that had been missed in my previous shoots. From his talent I saw that I could be a star and no longer had be insecure about that.
The confidence you can have with a great headshot is truly amazing and I had never experienced that before. When I couldn’t be excited about my headshot, how could I expect anyone else to be excited about it? Thankfully I do not have to think about that anymore. Without hesitation I would gladly shoot with Shaun again, also highly recommending him to anyone looking for a great headshot.
Extremely Grateful
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