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What You'll Learn

  • Photography
  • Creative styling
  • Fashion Make up
  • Editorial Stories & How to Capture and Deliver
  • How to shoot for stock agencies
  • Fine Art Photography
  • Indoor and Outdoor lighting
  • Campaign photography
  • Magazine Cover photography
  • Beauty and Glamour
  • Cool Photoshop FX
  • How to Create Artistic Images in Photoshop
  • Creative Backgrounds don't have to be Expensive
  • Creative set design & Much more

Whether you are a Pro or an amateur and wish to crank up your game another notch, or you are simply an enthusiast that wishes to see how pros do it. These hands on workshops are the most effective way of learning the old & new tricks in no time. Guaranteed to have the greatest time of your life and images that you will be proud of.

You don’t have to be in the fashion business to enjoy the knowledge of what it takes to have the most beautiful image and to create unforgettable, magazine style pictures, whether it is for your business or for your loved ones.
In one way or another you are guaranteed to walk away with a wealth of information, and some incredible images that is going to change the way you think about photography, make up and styling forever.

Lets not talk about the amount of money, frustration and irreversible memories that you are able to save.
We should also warn you that due to the exciting nature of these workshops you may feel a high level of happiness, good mood, bliss and other natural highs, related to such activities, which may result in severe case of abdominal pain due to unwanted amount of laughter & joy.

So please make sure you come well prepared and are ready for the cruise of a lifetime.

We will talk about what it takes to look good and feel great, and how to capture those beautiful moments, whether shooting a fashion model or a loved one.

Your will see how you can even turn your passion for art and beauty in to a part time or full time job.

The possibilities are endless, Sky is the limit, and you are only a few steps away from it all, so make sure to book your spot right away due to the limited space per workshop.

We will discuss everything from Digital Photography to make -Up, Styling, Portfolio Build up, Photoshop Techniques, to how to enhance your existing images, and going over some photo shop techniques that will make your images look a like a million bucks by a few clicks.

We will also discuss Pro Studio lighting, outdoors lighting and much more. I will even show you how to Create those beautiful magazine style images time after time with simplest make up, styling, lighting and photography techniques time after time.
More specific workshops are available upon request, please feel free to drop us a note and tell us about your wish. You never know, it may come true!

For available dates and locations please email us at

Early registration is encouraged due to limited space.

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